Hannah McGregor-Shenton

Cyclical Skin Care

I’m Hannah, the creator of Hart Skincare, Australia’s only menstrual cycle-focussed skincare brand. I’ve created a skincare brand that works with your skin as it changes throughout your cycle. I have been guiding menstruators to create cyclical skincare rituals at in person workshops and online spaces since 2019. Oil cleansing is my specialty, I’m totally in love with the ritual of oil cleansing and the benefits are astounding.

There’s a huge gap in education where skincare and menstrual cycles are concerned. This is something that the skincare industry does not discuss at all and I’m here to change that! My own skin troubles in my late teens and early 20’s drove me to harness the power of my menstrual cycles and develop my range of skincare products that I now get to share with the world!

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Cacao Ceremonialist
Skincare Formulator
Cyclical Skincare Workshop Facilitator
Founder of Australia's first Cyclical Skincare Company