Amanda Trieger

Naturopathic Womancraft

I love working in Clinical Practice weaving the traditional women's wisdom into the science of the modern day women's world and have been doing this for 2 decades. I provide the tools and nourishment to allow women to choose their path to healing with clarity and confidence. For girls, women & menstruators to deeply know and understand their bodies, their cycles and holistic health. I can help you harness the energy of your cycle, live in rhythm with your body and provide nutritional and herbal medicine for a busy life to decrease symptoms of hormonal dysregulation, fertility, cycle imbalances, fatigue, brain fog, skin concerns and digestive issues. I work with clients nourishing aligned womanhood I work in clinical practice from a beautiful home clinic is Largs, NSW or via Zoom. If you would like to find out more about how you can work with me please book an free virtual chat with me - click the link in my bio to find out more! If you are an interested Practitioner Education or mentoring please reach out to email​


Lead Naturopath (B.Naturopath NHAA, SCU) - Women's Health Specialist
The Aligned Womanhood Project Founder
Vaginal Microbiome Specialist
Womancraft Wisdom

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