Weaving defines The Feminine Paradigm as the Creative Cycle - nourish, presence, shine, empower - honouring intuition, flow, heart and connection.

Weaving defines Period Poverty as the combination of the lack of access to: period products, menstrually friendly bathrooms, school and workplace wellbeing policies and Positive Menstrual Education.

Weaving uses the terminology girls, women and menstruators to recognise that humans who have female biology may identify as women, trans or non-binary.

Weaving uses the word Female to refer to anyone who has a female biology and will experience the Menstruality Biological Timeline, independent of their gender or sexual orientation.

Weaving refers to the Female reproductive system as the Menstruality System. This is reflective that this system is more than reproduction and has a holistic influence on a Female's health and wellbeing.

Weaving uses the words Women's Wisdom to refer to the reclaimed traditional and lived cyclical knowledge of the Female lineage.

Weaving uses the word wombspace to refer to the archetypal energetic and holistic movement of the Menstruality System.

Weaving uses the word Woman to refer to anyone who identifies as a woman.

Weaving's Rhythmical Teachings support the understanding, empowerment and embodiment of cyclical living.

Weaving's Menstruality Teachings nourishes Females with positive, holistic and scientific education to empower Positive Menstruality Wellbeing.

Weaving supports you however you identify and hopes our share empowers you on your menstrual health and wellbeing journey.