Knowing thyself is the basis of health and wellbeing. 

Hello Beautiful One, I am Sahara and when I left school I knew how to excel at academia and I knew nothing about how to excel at being human. My education did not include how my being worked and interacted on a mental, emotional, physical, energetic or cyclical level or what nourished any of this. I was confused and set out on a path to learn.

Through all my studies and clinical experiences across the last 30 years since leaving school I now deeply understand myself as an energetic being having a human experience that is directed from my mental narrative and how they govern my holistic physiology, behaviour, interactions and choices.

I have studied and practice numerous modalities which have gifted me insights in understanding our bioenergetic nature and how to nourish health and wellbeing. I hold the space for you to relax into you. In this process your experiential and narrative truths are illuminated gifting you insight into "knowing thyself" and how to care for yourself. From here with kindness, self care allies and support you can authentically nourish yourself to shine and thrive.

Naturopathy - gifted me a holistic philosophy and the fundamental lifestyle principles of physical health and wellbeing: sunlight, hydration, movement, rest, sleep, food, herbs and self care allies.

Menstruality & Earth-Sun-Moon Wisdom - gifted me cyclical understanding, cyclical living and how to nourish our cyclical nature. As humans we journey through our development from birth to child to teen to adult to leader to elder to death. This is nourished through role modelling, rites of passages, community and living with our cyclical rhythms: circadian, earth seasons, lunar cycle, different yearly calendars and holistic hormonal biology.

Yoga - gifted me the insights into how the mind works and the use of lifestyle, asana, pranayama and meditation to focus the mind and nourish a conscious human experience.

Nutrition & Food - gifted me how unique food is to individuals and that food is more than the physical food we ingest. Everything we ingest from food to our thoughts to our interactions needs to be digested, processed and eliminated

Breathwork - gifted me deeper insights into how “thought is creative” and how conscious connected breathing can be used to nourish conscious bioenergetic transformation. 

Non-Violent Communication - gifted me a deeper understanding of how to listen and how to communicate from the place of ‘I’.

Student Learning Support - gifted me the experience of uniquely nourishing youth as they learn.

Teen Youth Mentoring - gifted me the ability to channel my skill set to meet the unique needs of our youth. 

Graphic Design - gifted me skills to share information beyond words.

In a session, a workshop, a program we will explore cognitively and experientially you, your mindset, your self care allies, how to be present and nourish your luminescence.I facilitate a space that nourishes you to connect with you and your own wisdom. Please contact me via to discuss how I can be of service to you or your business. 

All humans are cyclical beings nurtured through the cycle rhythms of our biology, hormones, moon, seasons and our life phases. My particular passion is Cyclical and Menstruality Wellbeing, with the conversation nourishing everyone to empower peace and harmony within oneself and in your relationships. We are currently seeing a grassroots movement across the globe reclaiming Cyclical and Women's Wisdom. The Menstruality Taboo across the globe has silenced and shamed women and cyclical living is now being questioned and challenged.

Would you personally like to be cyclically nourished and empowered?

Would you like your daughter to be cyclically nourished and empowered?

Would your company benefit from being cyclically nourished and empowered?

Contact me at and let's chat.

Live Cyclically - Nourish & Empower Your Life, Sahara


Nourishing Menstrual Literacy and Cyclical Living

Learn your unique cyclical wellbeing allies


Ba of Naturopathy - SCU 2003

Assistant to Moana Pearl Women’s with Wings 2000-2002

Becoming a Woman Facilitator - School of Shamanic Womancraft 2019

Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator 2019 & Fathers Celebrating Daughters Facilitator 2020

Menstruality Leadership - Red School 2021

Co Founder of Weaving the Red Thread 2020

Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training - The Yoga Institute 2010-2012 

Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2013

Raw Food Training 2014-2016

Breath Training 2022 - 2024

Non-Violent Communication 2019

Certificate 3 Education Support - Open Colleges 2017 

Primary Ethics - Ethics Teacher Training 2017

Teen Mentor - Shine From Within 2023

Certificate IV in Graphic Design - Shillington College, Sydney 2005