Naturopathic Womancraft - weaving the modern and traditional in Naturopathic Womancraft


I'm so glad that you found me! I am a Naturopath and Menstruality Educator guiding and mentoring girls, women & menstruators and the practitioners who work with them to support holistic hormonal health & menstruality wellbeing. Weaving naturopathic medicine & traditional womancraft wisdoms for the modern woman. 

I work with women as they journey through their Menstruality Timeline, supporting, nurturing and honouring the rites of passage that mark a change in our life seasons. 

The Menstruality journey includes our transition from childhood into menstruation, our menstrual years, our choices around fertility and pregnancy, offering gentle birth preparation and support for the intensity of our next transition into Matrescence. I honour and nourish the Menstrual Menopause Transition towards our Maga and then Elder years. 

I weave Traditional knowledge and Naturopathic herbal medicine to support all seasons of a womans journey. Awareness of energy, in business I use the lunar rhythm or moon wisdom to focus building my creative rhythm. This brings nourishment to my projects in a cyclical manner taking into consideration the lunar rhythm and my internal menstruality rhythm to support my business and my clients. I encourage the women I work with to embedd cyclical living practices into their monthly routines.

I look forward to chatting to you!


What to expect

Naturopathic Womancraft is an inclusive healing system that can help you achieve your health and wellness goals through the integration of nutritional support, herbal medicine and women's wisdom.

We will work together towards your goals for health. Supporting hormonal balance, digestive function, balancing the stress system, supporting energy production - gJoin me in a 60minute Naturopathic Womancraft consultation blending modern science, traditional womens wisdoms, nutritional and herbal medicines to support your  unique holistic health and wellbeing. 

I'm excited to get to know you better and help you unpack your holistic hormonal health and wellbeing. As we unpack your holistic health history, your menstruality timeline and nourish your menstruality journey.  

I work with women committed to their health and wellbeing and recommend all clients undertake a 15min Free Alignment Call to connect and decide if we are aligned to work together.

I work with women through a season of wellbeing and will recommend options after the Aligned Womanhood Intake process which includes:

  • Intial intake consultation 60minutes
  • Testing recommendations and supplement review
  • Report of findings - 45minutes Individualised Treatment Plan presented in a virtual consultation within the 2 weeks of your intake consultaitons to discuss your results and present your treatment plan. More complicated cases that require longer times will be charged accordingly. Email for more information or book in an Alignment Call