Top 6 tips for an Empowered Menarche Experience

The more relaxed and informal you are, the more your daughter maybe open to having a conversation with her. I say MAYBE as our culture conditions us that these are not conversations that you want to have and they are not comfortable to have. A lot of adults are awkward having them and the children are uncomforatble hearing them.

In 2019 #aboutbloodytime found nearly 1 in 10 girls had no idea what was happening to them at their first period. Whilst Students surveyed in Menstruation Matters Report 2021 expressed their desire to be taught by teachers who are comfortable in facilitating menstrual education. It's important we have menstrual conversations and that we are comfortable having them. Imagine a world where they were considered easy and as ongoing conversations.

Weavings tips to chatting anything Menstrual

🌟 Start chatting young and in a chilled normal tone, this helps to normalise the conversation. If your girl is older, start chatting now. The more it is an open everyday conversation, the more we shift the cultural narrative of silence and shame to education and confidence.

🌟 Be aware of your own feelings about your menstrual cycle and period. A lot of women and menstruators have not had great experiences as we live within a culture that normalises menstrual dysfunction and shame. Before talking to your daughter take time to reframe your story so you can pass on knowledge, how to and empowerment.

🌟 Have sideways conversations - use the stimulus of film, literature, songs, advertising, menstrual aisle... to start a conversation. Also by not directly looking at each other you both have space to be in the conversation without being observed.

🌟 Make your bathroom Menstrually Friendly. Bring your menstrual products out of the dark recesses of the bathroom cabinet and let them have a place in the light amongst the toothpaste, cosmetics, hair elastics... This helps to normalise menstruation without evening chatting.

🌟Answer your daughters questions when she asks them, age appropriately. If she is asking it means she is curious about something and looking for information. If you dont give an answer, she may find answers elsewhere that maybe correct or not and maybe age appropriate or not and if not answered repeatedly over time she may stop asking you.

🌟Periods and school. Normalise it along with the back to school/term list. When getting ready to go back to school I asked my daughter, “Do your shoes fit, what stationery do you need... is your period kit in your school bag? do the period undies still fit?” 

The more we make periods part of our conversations the more normal it is to be part of the conversations.

Weaving Menstruality Wisdom, Amanda & Sahara

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