The Menstruality Taboo

The Menstruality Taboo has held the Menstrual and Menopause Conversation in silence and shame. This has become a cultural norm which is currently being questioned and challenged nationally and internationally:

  • Cosmopolitian named 2015 the Year the Period Went Public
  • Newsweek declared 2016 as the Year of Menstrual Change
  • In 2019 a film about Periods won an Oscar, Australia ended the Period Tax & Libra created the Blood Normal Ad Campaign
  • 2019 trial and current implementation of School Menstrual Product Program - Vic, Tas, SA, NT & NSW
  • Turning Red Movie Release, 2022
  • Global recognition and implementation of Menstrual and Menopause workplace policies
  • Australia surveys: About Blood Time 2019,Menstruation Matters Report 2021 Bloody Big Survey 2021
  • Definition of Menstrual Health, 2021
  • Australian Period Poverty Summit 2021
  • Global Period Poverty Forum 2022
  • 2022 Menopause Conversations opening up with influential Women going through Menopause taking the conversation mainstream.

Join Weaving in shifting the paradigm, normalising and empowering the Menstruality Journey. 
Live Cyclically - Transform Your Life. Amanda & Sahara

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