Why your daughters first period is so important.

Menarche (MEN-ar-kee) is a word used to define the first menstruation or period.

Menarche - What is it and Why is it important

The age that the first period begins depends on many factors, including:

environmental factors, socioeconomic conditions, nutrition, and access to preventive health care, which may influence the timing and progression of puberty. Menarche typically occurs within 2–3 years after breast budding begins.

Tanner’s Stages of Physical Development.

Why is menarche so important? 

How we begin and establish our Menstrual Cycle IMPACTS our mental wellbeing, body confidence & autonomy, long-term healthy life habits & relationships.

Many girls do not have a complete or accurate understanding of menstruation as a normal biological process. As Naturopathic Menstruality Practitioners we see menstrual dysfunction and disease being normalised which impacts the long term holistic health and wellbeing of girls, women and menstruators and their families and communities.

The Menstrual Taboo

The UN council states that “menstruation is a taboo handed down over time to be dealt with privately by women and girls and not shared in public.”  This reflects a longstanding cultural view of menstruation as something polluted, shameful, impure, and sometimes dangerous. This secrecy has significant effects on identity, body positivity and self awareness. 

It’s clear that the way we talk about menstruation has been slow to change in our language and also our media portrayal because of how deeply menstrual taboos are ingrained in our cultures, beliefs, and histories. Negative taboos condition us to understand menstrual function as something to be hidden, something shameful.

Weaving HQ are on a mission to kick start a better tomorrow for our girls as they begin and move into their menstrual life and are excited to see our society currently questioning  and challenging nationally and internationally this Taboo as a movement Menstruality Reclamation gathers momentum:

  • Cosmopolitan named 2015 the Year the Period Went Public 

  • Newsweek declared 2016 as the Year of Menstrual Change

  • In 2019 a film about Periods won an Oscar, Australia ended the Period Tax & Libra created the Blood Normal Ad Campaign

  • Since 2019 trial of School Menstrual Product Program - Vic, Tas, SA, NT & NSW

  • 2021 saw the first ever Menstrual Health Definition

  • 2021 Period Pride SurveyMenstruation Matters Report

Girls are asking for a better education:

Changing the narrative of Menstruation begins with the first experiences and continues in cyclical living and has improved over generations of Women and girls doing this work.  Our grandmothers would have seen a Menstrual Taboo ingrained so deeply in silence and shame that they may have thought they were dying when they began to bleed, having no understanding of periods, more disturbingly 1 in 10 girls have no idea what is happening to them at their first period. 

How can you support your daughter: 

It can be normal for your daughter to feel hesitant talking about puberty or wanting to attend a Mother Daughter Weaver's Workshop. If you would like to nurture a different experience for you and your daughter this gentle workshop offers an opportunity to open up the menstrual conversation with fun, curiosity and engagement.


Often girls who are initially resistant are amongst the most engaged girls present and grateful at workshops they had attended. Do not let your daughter's normal resistance stop you from gifting her menstrual knowledge and wisdom that is essential to her holistic health and wellbeing.


We invite you and your daughter to join the Weaving movement whether you are excited or hesitant or unsure. Let's create a new norm of Positive Menstrual Education and Body Literacy together. 


Want to learn more: 

Supporting your daughter with menstrual knowledge, confidence and empowerment is essential to her wellbeing as she shifts through puberty and into Menstrual life. Understanding how our body and hormonal cycles work, we can support cyclical self care and holistic wellbeing.

Here at Weaving the Red Thread our Mother Daughter Workshops are crafted to nourish Positive Menstrual Education, empowering girls with menstrual positivity, body love, self confidence, self esteem and holistic wellbeing. We are here to support you and your daughter to talk with ease and comfort as she develops and grows through puberty, menarche and cyclical living. Weaving has developed a body of work to support you and your daughter on this journey. They are offered digitally or in person or by request.

Join us in open, simple, neutral and empowering MENSTRUAL CONVERSATIONS & fun activities. Let's NORMALISE Puberty to inspire your daughter's comfortability in her changing body and confidence to talk with you. Weaving's Programs are crafted to SUPPORT, NOURISH & EMPOWER you and your daughter.

Check out: Our Empowering Puberty & Menarche Webinar

Budding Weavers: 8-10yrs 

Blossoming Weavers: 10-15yrs

Cyclical Weavers: Menstrual Literacy and Cycle Charting for Teens

Online Menstruality Wellbeing Studio - Start your 2 weeks complimentary access today

Mothers Puberty Resource Kit 

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