The Creative Cycle

The Creative Cycle is an ARCHETYPAL MAP of the rhythmical flow of the creative energies inherent within all cycles.

This map offers insight and guidance on how to flow with the energy of creating. The Creative Cycle provides a framework for our dreaming to be nourished into manifestation, celebration, harvest and then back into dreaming.

Humans beings are all cyclical beings. We cycle with our physiology, hormonology, the planets and stars. We cycle holistically - physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually, socially, spiritually.

You dance within a web you design. Your presence in self and ability to be, will see you somewhere in the spectrum of suffering to shining. The cycles nourish you to know thy self - how you flow, what nourishes you, what doesn't and empowers you to shine. 

You are constantly being held to nourish, be present, shine and be empowered. With awareness and conscious practice you can utilise the rhythms to nourish you, your presence, your creativity, your evolution.

The Studio is designed to support:

  • your cyclical awareness
  • the integration of cyclical living into daily living
  • to empower you to nourish, be present, shine and to be empowered

The Creative Cycle is a framework that holds the flow of frequency. Join me in this 10 minute experiential exploration to understand the Creative Cycle for you.

The archetypal energies explain the creative rhythmical flow. Living your rhythm with awareness is to know what flow is for you, where and when you need nourishment or expression. The Studio holds a flow of practices, immersions, circles, experiences and information that nourish the understanding and living of cyclical wellbeing.

The Creative Cycle is foundational to The Studio. All teachings, practices and shares are in alignment with cyclical flow, designed to nourish and empower. Live Cyclically - Transform Your Life. Amanda & Sahara

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