School Bag Period Kits

Is your daughter prepared for periods at school?

Each new school year and term we prepare by:

✔️ checking uniforms and shoes fit

✔️ getting school supplies

✔️ getting a hair cut

✔️ getting lunchbox ready

❓ creating or updating a period kit for the school bag

16% of girls surveyed in #aboutbloodytime experienced their first period at school.

It's good idea to be prepared:

🌼 have a period kit that hangs out in your daughters school bag

🌺 chat with your daughter about what she'd like if her menarche arrives at school...create a period plan with her and review this as your daughter ages, when starting new schools and even with new teachers

🌙 check an existing period kit to see if anything needs to updated, like period undie sizing

In need of further support?

Check out our upcoming Mother Daughter Workshops - designed to empower girls and menstruators through the transition of puberty, with hormonal understanding and confidence, to support optimal wellbeing into adulthood, whilst supporting mother daughter connection and support.

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