Positive Menstruality Education

Many girls and women do not have a complete and accurate understanding of menstruation as a normal biological process. Educating girls before their first period and ongoing - and, importantly, boys, parents, communities, societal structures and government policy - about menstruality and the menstrual cycle builds a menstruality and reproductive wellbeing blueprint contributing to physical, mental, emotional, sexual and social wellbeing.

Positive Menstruality Education cultivates body positivity, confidence, self esteem and supports body autonomy, contributing to social solidarity and encourages longterm healthy life habits and relationships.

At Weaving the Read Thread we are passionate about offering a foundation of Positive Menstruality Education to girls and menstruators, so they can evolve into their menstrual cyclical lives with ease, support, nourishment and empowerment. 

At Weaving, Positive Menstruality Education for girls, women and menstruators:

  • Normalises menstruality and neutralise The Menstruality Taboo.

  • Nourishes a menstruality and reproductive wellbeing blueprint.

  • Acknowledges the menstrual cycle and menstruality as the 5th Vital Sign of Life.

  • Nourishes menarche preparation and recognition.

  • Empowers menstrual cycle literacy and holistic health.

  • Supports the menstrual menopause transition and nourishes wellbeing through the mature year.

  • Cultivates body positivity, confidence and self-esteem.

  • Supports physical, mental, emotional, sexual and social wellbeing.

  • Empowers body autonomy, long-term healthy life habits and relationships.

  • Is inclusive of all humans fostering social solidarity, human rights and gender equity.

Empowering girls and menstruators through the transition of puberty, with hormonal understanding and confidence supports optimal wellbeing into adulthood. Positive Menstruality Education nourishes individuals, families and communities to question and challenge The Menstruality Taboo whilst normalising and empowering menstruality.

Weaving Menstruality Wisdom,

Amanda & Sahara

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