What is “Menstruality”? 

Menstruality is a word and concept originally birthed by Jane Catherine Severn from Luna House, that inspired Weaving to create a body of work that nourishes the holistic biological life journey experienced by girls, women and menstruators. We are very grateful to Jane for birthing a word that holds the entirety of the female journey.

Menstruality for Weaving explains the holistic biological journey of a female's life: from childhood into puberty - menarche celebration - establishing menstrual cyclical living - transforming through the menstrual menopause transition (pre/peri-menopause) - honouring menopause - establishing a rhythm post menopause - enjoying the mature years. It is a Holistic Biological Female Timeline which influences physical, mental, emotional, sexual, social and spiritual wellbeing and health.

Menarche and menopause are biological moments activated by changes in hormonal rhythms, marking the entrance into and out of menstrual cyclical living. Celebrating and honouring these moments invites positive embodiment as your daughter or you step into your next phase of life.

Menstruality Consciousness cultivates preparation and support to nourish holistic health and wellbeing as girls, women and menstruators move through the Menstruality Biological Timeline, its transitions and evolving rhythms.

Live Cyclically - Transform Your Life Amanda & Sahara

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