Lunar Cyclical Living

If you do not have an active menstrual cycle, are pre-menarche or post menopausal the Lunar Cycle can be harnessed as an anchor rhythm for integrating cyclical living into daily life. 

The Lunar Cycle and the Menstrual Cycle both express the rhythm of the Creative Cycle in a similar time duration. The Lunar Cycle can be used as an external rhythm to support your holistic physiology, daily presence and rhythmical flow.

The Online Cyclical Wellbeing Studio is set up to nourish and empower Cyclical Living. The Studio supports women, menstruators, trans, nonbinary, the menstrual menopause transtion, post menopause and pre-menarche to explore Lunar Cyclical Living through offering a range of holistic practices to nourish and empower the different phases of the Lunar Cycle.

Watch the video above as Amanda walks you through how to access Lunar Cyclical Living, the different lunar phases and their practices in the Studio. Harness the empowerment of Cyclical Living through the Lunar Cycle.

Live Cyclically - Transform Your Life. Amanda & Sahara

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