How to set Clear Intentions

When we set clear intentions for what we want to create and manifest, we have a north star to head towards. The how isn’t where our focus should initially lay, what we need to know is the WHAT and the WHY.

Start with these journaling prompts:

Q: WHAT do you want? Is it a feeling; something tangible; an experience or a different state of being? 

Q: Do you have any limiting beliefs around what you want that you can bring into consciousness and therefore choose to change?

Q: WHY do you want it? Our purpose for what we do is the fuel in our engines. If there isn’t a strong enough why, we just won’t get all the way to our destination. 

Q: What pain do you experience by not having what you want? 

Q: What could you do or be by having what you want?

There are many practices we can do to set intentions for a new cycle. Some like vision boards, others write out specific goals or perform rituals and ceremony. I’d like to invite you to start by pondering on the what and why above and find one or a few words that sum up what you want this next cycle to be about.

Last cycle my three words were BALANCE, UNION & MAGIC.

I knew I needed balance between my work, rest and play worlds in order to feel fulfilled and not get swallowed up in a work, work, work mentality.

I wanted to have balance so I would be stable and ready to experience union with my partner, feel vibrant and healthy and enjoy some social connection time.

I also wanted to be reminded of my magic and all the magic around us clearly and frequently because it was such fuel for my being to continue to show up for my Soul work in the world.

By having these three words it gave me my north star to keep honing in on. 

If I found myself overwhelmed by too many things needing to be done all at once I’d call on the energy of balance to help steady me. By doing this I could hold the energy for all aspects of life. I can run events, travel to present workshops, be in the right energy to share about my business and serve my private clients with shamanic healing work all without feeling like I’m spreading myself too thin. Balance helped me do all of this whilst also having plenty of space for people, home, nature and myself.

Union helped me to focus on what my relationship needed so it was nourished, fed and healthy. I chose to invest time in audio books that helped me study what drives males and females to give me more understanding of my own nature and how it impacts my connection with my partner. 

I’ve also been reminded of my magic and the magic all around us again and again. Working with energy and spirit to teach, mentor, facilitate healing and guide people in this new earth era is magic at work. I feel fulfilled, grateful, blessed and expansive.

If you want to learn more - check out my cyclical yoga practices in the on demand cyclical care library.

Find your north star so you can craft every cycle in a conscious way. 

Jen Magenta Moon 

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