Exploring Cyclical Living

What is Cyclical Living?
Cyclical Living is living in alignment with the cycles that hold us as human beings: 

  • breath cycle

  • circadian cycle

  • male and female hormonal cycles 

  • lunar cycle

  • seasonal cycle

  • life cycle

All the cycles of humanity, the moon and planet Earth flow through the archetypal energy of The Creative Cycle - nourish, presence, shine, empower. It is the same flow of energy over different time rhythms. To understand where you are in these cycles right now, enjoy the video practice above.

Why is Cyclical Living important?

Quite simply and potently, when we live in alignment with our cyclical nature our health and wellbeing is nourished to thrive. 

Take the circadian cycle, a 24hr rhythm: Nourish is our sleep. Presence is our waking and moving out in the world Shining is our experience of our day and the world Empowerment is our transition from the world into our home life and the evening.

We all know how a good or bad night's sleep influences our day, presence and wellbeing.

How do I do it?

  1. Daily Check In

  2. Choose an anchor rhythm

    • Menstrual Cyclical Living 

    • Lunar Cyclical Living

  3. Reflect & Refine how you flow

Cyclical Living is holistic conscious living aligned to the rhythms of our being, moon and earth. Live Cyclically - Transform Your Life. Amanda & Sahara

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