Drum Meditations

Drumming has been used throughout history in many different cultures to support the transition from one state of mind to another, to celebrate, to journey, to nourish our beings through ritual and tradition. The drumming journey’s provide a practice to enhance your sensory awareness and intuition.

Drumming isn’t something we commonly hear in our day to day lives, however scientific studies have shown that as we listen to a monotonous drum beat our brain waves slow down, and move from the normal state of consciousness (Beta state) into a deep meditative state (Alpha state) or even a deeper hypnotic state (Theta State).  

Drumming can and is used as a meditative tool. Journeying to the beat of the drum is a simple and easy way to access alpha or theta brain waves to support and enhance  our ability to connect with our intuition and creativity.  You can connect in with different aspects of your being, in the studio our journeys invite you to connect in with your wombspace. Whether you have a physical womb or a womb space you can use this journey to deepen your connection with your Feminine wisdom and dreaming.

The practice of drumming supports deep relaxation and surrender, inviting your nervous system to switch from the Sympathetic (Flight/Fight) to a Parasympathetic (Rest/Digest). This nourishes relaxation and your brain waves shift, whilst reducing stress and its effects on your overall well being. Something I feel most of us could use a little more of! 

A new experience: 

The beat of the drum may be new to you in meditation, the drumming journey begins with a heart beat rhythm and shifts into a rapid drumming for 13 minutes. This rapid beat assists the brainwaves to change to enhance your intuitive reception.

This sound can be new, different, uncomfortable, you may find your mind asking what is happening. Sensory experiences you may receive during the drum journey are individual and vary in intensity from a perceived nothing to a rich experience. For example you may feel, know, sense, hear or see the drumming experience. If you are not perceiving much, relax your expectations and allow yourself to journey with the drum whatever that experience may look like. After the journey, with journaling and reflection you may find wisdom revealed. 

You may experience the drum journey through different senses - visual, sensing, knowing, auditory.

I invite you as you journey to surrender into the practice more than once before you decide if you like Drum Meditations. 


Prepare your space so that you can rest and journey undisturbed and gather what you need close by for after the practice.

  • Ensure you feel safe to surrender into your drumming journey 

  • Set up to ensure you are warm

  • Eye coverings and headphones are recommended

  • Journaling materials

  • Grounding snacks (chocolate is great) 

  • Water 

Sometimes during a journey you may encounter a Being or Presence that you feel unsure of. If this happens, ask them “Are you for my highest good?” THREE times.

  • If they are not, they will disappear. 

  • If they are, they will stay and you can ask them a question, like “What are you here to show / tell me?”

You might like to place your hands over your womb space or may like to cup your vulva. This is the home of Feminine wisdom and dreaming. 

To begin before you journey that you set your intention to cleanse yourself of any negative energy, you can do this by repeating I cleanse myself of all negative energy 3 times 

I cleanse myself of all negative energy 

I cleanse myself of all negative energy

I cleanse myself of all negative energy 

Emotional First Aid: 

Emotions can ebb and flow as we connect deeply with our dreaming.  Please know that all emotions are welcomed here. If you are using a recorded journey you will need to be your own Medicine Woman, the inner wise woman who knows how to meet her needs, put in place boundaries around your safety. Please know at any time if you would like to stop the recording and practice emotional first aid. 

If you feel shaky or light headed please refresh yourself, drink some water or splash water on your face or eat some chocolate or lay belly down on the ground to reconnect. 

Post the Drum Journey journal your experience. Drum Journeys can be like dreams and the more we engage with their symbolism and ask questions the more we can access their medicine. Come back to your journal later and ask questions to clarify anything and allow yourself to intuitively answer them.

This practice is inspired by drum journey work nourished within the School of Shamanic Womancraft. The journeys that have been crafted to hold you in the studio are offered with the intention of your connection with your highest self.  May you be nourished. 

Live Cyclically - Transform Your Life. Amanda & Sahara

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