Dark New Moon Portal

The Dark New Moon Portal is the movement of energy from the waning crescent moon to the emerging waxing crescent moon. It is an alchemical process holding the transition from the end of one lunar cycle into the beginning of the next lunar cycle.Β This offers you the opportunity to be supported with conscious awareness and ritual to nourish your capacity to release, dream, receive and intent for the growing new lunar cycle.

To harness the Dark New Moon Portal, Weaving recommends:

πŸŒ“ Post the quarter waning moon start reflecting on the lunar cycle. How it has flowed and where it has not?

πŸŒ’ The Waning Crescent Moon invites you to release what no longer serves you, what is finished or what is not even yours. This creates spaciousness.

πŸŒ‘ This spaciousness invites you to connect in to the void to dream and receive during the Dark New Moon.

🌘 The New Waxing Crescent Moon grounds your intentions into the new lunar cycle.

Lunar relationships is between the moon, sun, earth and us. The Dark New Moon Portal is a journey into self, it is not about being in relationship to other. It offers an opportunity to nourish deep self connection through release, dreaming and intenting.

To explore the Dark New Moon Portal and how to harness this alchemical portal head into The Studio and access: Release, Dream and Intent Practices.

Live Cyclically - Transform Your Life. Amanda & Sahara

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