Creative Cycle Check In

As a human we are a cyclical being that is held within a cyclical cosmos. We experience this cycles internally and externally all effecting our holistic physiology: physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, socially and spiritually.

By understanding our holistic cyclical nature we can deeply know:

  • Our Self

  • Our Rhythms

  • Our Rhythmical Needs

  • Our Self Care Allies

  • Your integration into your daily and cyclical life

The different cycles that hold us are all the same movement of the archetypal energy of The Creative Cycle, just experienced across different time spans. By utilising our awareness of one, many or all of them we can sync into flow, nourish disharmony and creativity.

The different cycles that hold us simultaneously and at different points of The Creative Cycle are:

  • Breath Cycle - exhale / pause / inhale /pause¬†

  • Circadian Cycle - 24hrs

  • Hormonal Cycles

    • Male Hormonology - 24hrs

    • Female Hormonology - Menstrual Cycle 26-32 days

  • Lunar Cycle - 27.323 days

  • Seasonal Cycle - 1 year

  • Life Cycle - world human average 72.98 years (2022)

Join Sahara as she leads you in a Cycles within Cycles Check In.

To live cyclically is:

  1. To have awareness of the cycles that hold you.

    • How?

    • Through Cyclical Charting. Choose a cycle and observe yourself and how you flow through it.

  2. Make choices aligned with and nourishing of your cyclical nature.

  3. Reflect and refine as your live cycles. 

    • Life is experiential. Experience the cycles and observe how they change as we transition through our life cycle.

  4. Be nourished in a cyclical community.

Live Cyclically - Transform Your Life. Amanda & Sahara

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