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Vagina Dialogues Podcasts with Newcastle Live

Normalising Menarche

Amanda & Sahara from Weaving The Red Thread are passionate about normalising a conversation about menarche in both women & young girls. Louise chats with the ladies about the importance of education in a wholistic sense - not just the nuts & bolts overview we receive in schools.

Mood shifts, energy levels and focus through the Menstrual Cycle
Amanda & Sahara from Weaving The Red Thread chat about the shifts in our mood, energy levels & focus through all parts of our menstrual cycle.

Maiden - Mother - Maga - Elder

We have all heard the saying.... but how much do we know about the reproductive cycles of women? Amanda & Sahana from Weaving The Red Thread walk us through each phase of our journeys as women & what challenges & opportunities we are presented with in each stage of life.

LIbido and how it is influenced by your cycle

Libido, often a silent issue that women struggle with, Where did it go? Join Amanda & Sahara from Weaving the Red Thread as they chat about how our libido is driven by our hormones which fluctuate throughout the month and how to naturally support your libido.

Demystifying Menopause 

The Menstrual Menopause Transition begins as we move towards our 40’s.  This transition can take up to a decade to transition out of our menstrual years and is often shrouded in silence.  Join us as we chat to Louise about the many myths & stigmas that surround Menopause and how we can embrace this amazing transformative experience as we shift into our Mature years with joy and holistic health.

Vaginal Microbiome health

The Vaginal has its very own ecosystem, the microbiome. Paying attention to vaginal health and wellbeing throughout our lifecycle is essential. Using correct products to support health and wellbeing with Naturopathic care. What is that smell or discharge? What happens during the Menstrual Menopause Transition.

Yoni Steaming

What is Yoni Steaming? A warm hug for your vulva and your vagina.... Join Naturopathic Educator Amanda chatting to Louise about how simple yoni steaming can be and how you can get started in your own home with safety. Ps you're welcome - Enjoy!

Wild Flow with Charlotte Pointeaux and Weaving the Red Thread

Period Poverty - how you can help.

Menstrual Educators Amanda and Sahara from Weaving The Red Thread are passionate change-makers who are striving to reduce period poverty by getting more period care products and education into the hands of more Australians.

Period Poverty is a very real problem that impacts millions of people around the world - and undeniably here in Australia too. Even today in 2021 Australia, 22% of people surveyed did not have funds to access clean period care products, having no choice but to either improvise their own product or stay home missing out on school or work. 49% of menstruators had to wear a tampon or pad beyond the safety guideline of 4 hours, and needed to ration products out to last the duration of a period. Clearly, period poverty is not just a Third World issue.

Newcastle Weekly Article

Removing the Stigma of Menstruation

It’s time to talk about menstruation. That’s the message from Amanda and Sahara, the Newcastle Hunter Valley based naturopaths are the founders of Weaving the Red Thread, an organisation dedicated to Positive Menstrual Education and supporting cyclical living.